DMCP has over 30 years of industry experience.

We are an expert video company at your service. 


Our Johannesburg based studio is home to an expert team of producers, directors, camera & sound operators and editors whose passion, dedication, and work ethic shine through in every piece of work they deliver. On top of all of that we also provide a rental service on our equipment.

Whatever your video and photography needs, our team is ready to help.

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Finding your story and developing a strategy to reveal your brand.

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Story boarding to the script. We make sure that everything is ready for production.

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Producing your content with our team of professionals in a creative environment.

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Complete your final video with revisions to upload and have it ready to showcase.

Meet the team

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An award winning filmmaker and member of the South African Society of Cinematographers, Dirk Mostert started DMCP 30+ years ago and has produced and directed multiple short films, TV,  and corporate shows.

Managing Director | Director of Photography

Dirk Mostert, SASC

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Managing Director | Head of Accounts

Co-Managing Director and Head of Accounts, Harvene Mostert has been managing all accounting, financial and administrative responsibilities since the inception of DMCP 30+ years ago.

Harvene Mostert

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Rudi Ahlstrom has production managed more than 3500 productions and edited numerous corporate videos, two award winning short films, hundreds of actuality TV programs & entertainment TV shows over his 10-year career in the TV and Film Industry, Rudi believes he has worked the “10,000 hours” moto.

Production Manager | Head of Post-Production

Rudi Ahlstrom


Cameras and camera equipment, sound, lighting and grips equipment available to hire for all your video production needs. For a comprehensive list, get in touch below.


Award winning work

DMCP is the proud producer and facilitator of The Pitch South Africa - Film Competition

THE SECOND, produced by DMCP, has been accepted at 11 international film festivals where it won Best Picture in Afro Cinema at the 20th Annual Santa Fe Film Festival in New Mexico, USA. It was also nominated for a jurie award for Best Narrative Short at the 28th Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angelos, California.

DMCP is the line producer of WHITE GOLD

WHITE GOLD won Best Narrative Short at the 28th Annual Pan African Film Festival in Los Angelos, California which qualifies it for an Oscar 2021 nomination.

For more info regarding The Pitch South Africa, visit the website here:

30th Birthday!

DMCP celebrates 30 years of film and television industry experience in lighting, shooting, directing and producing short films and many reality based TV shows, sitcoms, dramas, shooting feature films and documentaries as well as commercials, TV, and cinema promos.

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